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omg! i have my christmas preseeeeent! i don't really expect this, i got a customs notification to pick up (calendar, diary, and book), my dad was because the package came to his name, spent several hours struggling to finally gave him the package, when he get home, i open the package and ''WTF'' surprise was ''THE FIRST'', but i wondered to myself, but if i only got notice of other package?, but my dad had hidden my other package, and well i had to pay customs duties, well, this is my christmas gift from me, for me, LOL, was the first time it happens to me customs but fortunately the two packages were available to remove them, i made a lot of effort to achieve this, never thought i would buy them, everything is beautiful!, this is the paradise!, but i could not buy dvd's concert so saaad TT TT ..i'm saving because i want to buy concert photobook!, ah~ my special box is a little damaged, and all because customs, well.. aigoo my english so poor TT TT

Lucifer Japanese ~

YAAAAAAAAAAAY, FINALLY ARRIVED ASHASAHDGSA ♥ takes too long because it was in customs so I had to pay to remove it but not much, happily! >w< and, and, I HAVE JONGKEY'S PHOTOCARD! FTW! and posters are OMGsh TwT lalalala so excited TT TT precious all <3 uhm, now waiting for ''THE FIRST'', I'm out of money, I can't buy SHINee's calendars korean, SHINee in Barcelona, ​​and I've seen who will also benefit concert's photobook, HOW DO I GET MONEY?, I'm in debt over~ so saaaaad TT TT



I'm so excited! finally I have my SHINee's official lightstick~ one thing I've always wanted TwT my dream has been come true *-* I'm ready for any k-pop concert (?) hehe, I hope someday there one here in Peru, I have a hopeful >w< well.. my lucifer japanese still not arrive, this time if take long, but well worth the wait, when I get my hands I go up some pictures ^_^ other side, preordered ''THE FIRST'' but only two versions, this is so expensive TT_TT


I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY~ I HAVE MY JULIETTE (yes, three version x_x) ALRIGHT! T_T the order arrived a little later but it was worth, i think was because package was a little heavy >< touch me ontaem's photocard yay but too i would want jjong's TT TT well.. so AWESOME! i love the photos! above all finally i can see the juliette dance version A! so sexy ;u; about playbutton is fantastic! i like it so much! uhm, now to wait lucifer single~ i preordered alright, actually i'm poor, without money TT TT but, good, ALL for my shining SHINee <3





this is the first time that I bought in a fansite wow and I did because I LOVE ONE IN A MILLION so muuuuch! really TTwTT master noona is fantastic ^w^ this only took 6 days for arrive! was surprise~ aigoo I just can say that I LOVED THIS PHOTOBOOK MORE THAT MYSELF~ ♥______♥ lol xD I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY -jumping- ^___^

He Is Mine ~ 2nd photobook from One In A Million
(Kim Jonghyun's Fansite)


this is BEAUTIFUL ^w^


GOOOOOOOOSH ♥ alright! I have my MAYPOLE Jonghyun's t-shirt! *A* is something big for me in size haha, that's I didn't know like was the size in Korea, I was in doubt, so that I bought size 105 lol xD I prefer big than small, is better, right?, uh :B and I bought Jonghyun's (SHINee) poster too! :'D is TOO BIG! I loved so much! SHINee's looks so handsome! ♥_______♥ & Jjong's puppy face is so sweet TwT I had a little accident with emotion to open my poster I broke a little to one side T_T! I almost hit myself! fortunately did not touch to any of them, it was only a small part in white, like can I did! I'm a babo! a stupid thousand times! T_T sorry, I let out all TT_TT so I just passed, I will be much more CAREFULLY at other times, I don't know what happened today, I think that was crazy ._. rofl D'x well, now, if I'm calmer! ^_^ -bipolar xD- the things that I bought actually is not because I have money but because I bought everything as a birthday gift, and also thanks to my uncles and parents who gave me hehe ^^ really I'm poor T_T but I'm saving ^-^ now I only need one thing to come, something to look forward, tarararararan~ aw TwT I want that come! until then :D




Replay Japanese Version ~

Wowowow *sing SHINee's song* finally~ I have my both SHINee's single~ Premium & Normal edition yay! ..really I feel in love with both versions~ are my first japanese albums and are just AWESOME! ♥_____♥ guess, who SHINee's member touched me?, tarararan~ I GOT KEY'S PHOTOCARD! hehe like was with Romeo's mini album >_< seriously, I think that is the destiny, are predestined to be together (??) it's joke hehe C: the destination don't want me to Jjong, because if we put in the case of Lucifer, I got Jjong because I changed the photocard, I haven't luck rofl, same, I'm happy~ beacause I love them yay ♥


Omgsh ~




ASDFGAFSGDASGD I ONLY WAS SHOCKED! this was a great thrill to see Donghae with Peruvian's flag (my country) omg TT TT a peruvian girl who managed to go to the concert will give him the flag and he received it, in the banner said 'please come to Peru', and he read it, wah, now I hope to they know more here is a lot of fans and that give us a SMTOWN~ achieve a dream that the Peruvians want to become a reality TT TT



this was the first call they made the peruvian fans to make us felt across Korea, was a success, many media as peruvians and koreans gave us their support, now, next weeks happen the second call this July 3rd, where done in a place much larger and with three times the people or even more, that is the goal ^__^



3rd SHINeeversary~ was a beautiful event that made the peruvians shawols few weeks ago, I had fun, and cry too, haha >_< this was giveaways to all attendees ^______^
I loved them~


I have no more to say ~ bye diary! rofl 8'D


Miley's Concert ~

{ 110501 } ~

wow, I never imagined I would go to Miley's concert, it all happened so fast, I had to beg my dad to buy me the ticket, and finally gave me ^__^ I went with two friends with whom we sing till drop rofl x'D especially when she singing 'the climb'! we really love this song~ wah~ it's fantastic! I loved all her outfits!, like this time was unexpected, was a bit far to stage, but anyways, enjoy it too~ another unforgettable experience ^w^

{ in the picture you can see my Twilight's bucket and my SHINee's penholders lol >_< }


Never Say Never Premiere ~

Just, I LOVED THIS MOVIE!, Omg~ Justin's child was so adorable, aw, I melted by such tenderness! had so many seen new things! and concert's presentations.. AMAZING, everything seemed so real, I love the 3D technology!, he looked so cute when he was frustrated! was to run to him and give him a bear hug!, wah! and his friend! gosh, so handsome >w< Overboard! Justin & Miley duet! was my favorite part! TTwTT yay, I'm so happy! xD although I bring my camera at nothing! because forbade me to take pictures, I could barely take the poster x'D, yell a lot with my friends *O* was too much! Peru wants Justin Bieber come here TT_TT wah~ someday will come not so distant, always positive mind 8D 

..if, my english still a such right D: